Friday, 8 February 2013

More Cake!

It's my Godson's first birthday today and he's having a party tomorrow (or at least, his mum's inviting family and friends over for the afternoon).  I offered to make the cake as the birthday present.  My back and pelvis are killing me now from the time it took me hunched over the kitchen units.  I have a bit of pelvic girdle pain/posterior pelvic pain because of the pregnancy, right at the bottom of my back, deep inside on the left hand side behind that little dimple - standing for too long tends to make it worse though walking around is fine. Prepping the Christmas meal I did for the 12 of us had me barely able to move and I was limping like Long John Silver!  I got stuck on R's bed once when she wanted a cuddle at bedtime, it really wasn't funny - took me nearly 15minutes to manoeuvre myself off and as I was desperate for the loo it really didn't help (only just made it in time, how embarrassing that could have been! ).

Anyway, I digress - this should be about cake!  An Iggle Piggle birthday cake to be exact.....

I'm pretty pleased with it although admittedly I think it could be better - but you don't get better without practice, right?  I was rushing it a bit at the end because of the aching - and I cocked up one of his arms while shaping it and had to cobble another together with the bits of cake that was left (which wasn't much).  Overall though, I'm happy with it and as my Godson is only one I'm sure he won't be too critical! :-D

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