Friday, 1 February 2013

The things they say...

I can never keep up with all the little things that R says, and the odd little conversations we have - sometimes cute, sometimes profound, often vaguely insulting!  I regularly wish I could grab those seconds and record them for ever, sometimes I update them as my Facebook status because it's the quickest way to make a note.  So much happens and it's so easy to forget.

So far this morning we've had.....
R:  How did it go last night mummy?
Me: It was lovely, we had lots of yummy Chinese food.
R:  Did you use chopsticks?
(that was one of those moments where I wonder how she knows things - She's four and we've never used chopsticks at home or been to a Chinese restaurant as a family.  I know she must have learnt things from Cbeebies, or stories we've read or nursery but it's still one of those "Oh!" moments, that delight in learning something about R that I didn't know before).

We've also had the cute....
"Mummy!  I've got chicken wrinkles again!"
(she meant goose bumps!)

The slightly gross.....
"Mummy, my poo looks like a wolfs head"
 (I know we like to avoid shame associated with bodily functions but maybe that's going a bit far - although at least this time she didn't request I take a look!)

And finally, the typically insulting.....
"Mummy, your breath smells like dog food"
Thank you so much fruit of my womb!  Although, the comparison was probably fair as at that point I hadn't cleaned my teeth.  At least you can trust small children to be completely honest (blunt!) about things.

I hope I can capture those little moments through the years.  Not just the words, but the pictures and the stories that go with them.