Thursday, 7 February 2013

Today is mostly about....

....the early morning bubble-wrap disco.

  1. Forgetfully leave bubble wrap from previous days package delivery in an obvious and easily accessible place.
  2. Allow four year old daughter to discover said bubble wrap and spread it across the kitchen floor.
  3. Four year old daughter then proceeds to the dressing-gowned, barefooted bubble wrap disco-stomp while you attempt to carefully squeeze around preparing breakfast as "you're not allowed to pop the bubbles mummy!"
  4. Post breakfast persuade, blackmail or otherwise move daughter onto bedroom and bathroom for getting dressed purposes.
  5. Ten minutes later express confusion at daughter's sudden disappearance.
  6. Follow popping sound back to kitchen where second bubble wrap disco stomp is in full swing.  
  7. Fact: Wearing school shoes makes for a better bubble popping experience.

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